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18 September 2023

The rules on bank failure put in place after the financial crisis have ensured resilience and stability in the EU...

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Oct 5 - 6 2023

CMDI review Academic congress (Banco de España)

Public engagements
Oct 9 2023

CIRSF Conference

Public engagements
Oct 16 2023

SRB ECB CMDI Seminar 2023

Public engagements

SRB Chair Dominique Laboureix and SRB Board Member Sebastiano Laviola to take part in the SRB ECB CMDI Seminar 2023.

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About the Single Resolution Board

The Single Resolution Board (SRB) is the central resolution authority within the Banking Union. Together with the National Resolution Authorities of participating Member State, it forms the Single Resolution Mechanism.

The SRB tries to ensure an orderly resolution of failing banks with minimum impact on the real economy, the financial system, and the public finances of the participating MS and beyond.

The role of the SRB is proactive: rather than waiting for resolution cases to manage, the SRB focuses on resolution planning and enhancing resolvability, to avoid the potential negavite impacts of a bank failure on the economy and financial stability.

Join our team

Working at the SRB gives you a unique opportunity to take part in guiding resolution policy and resolving banks in Europe. We seek high-calibre candidates who possess the highest levels of integrity, team spirit and motivation to work for the European project. We employ professionals of all ages, backgrounds and disciplines with expertise not only in banking resolution, but also in human resources, communications, legal, ICT and other fields.


Level: AD8 | Deadline:

Please note that there are four different profiles included in this vacancy notice.
Resolution planning and decisions:...


The SRB buys services and supplies through public procurement calls, in line with EU legislation and the basic principles of transparency, equal treatment and non-discrimination, widest competition, proportionality and sound financial management.


Annual list of contracts for 2021

Type: Annual List of Contracts and Order Forms awarded by the SRB

Annual list of contracts for 2020

Type: Annual List of Contracts and Order Forms awarded by the SRB