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Sberbank d.d. and Sberbank banka d.d.

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Press Release
Sberbank Europe AG: Croatian and Slovenian subsidiaries resume operations after being sold while no resolution action is required for Austrian parent company
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SRB adopts resolution decisions for Slovenian and Croatian subsidiaries, decides no resolution action required for parent company in Austria. 

  • Today, the Single Resolution Board has decided to transfer all shares of the group’s Croatian subsidiary Sberbank d.d. to Hrvatska Poštanska Banka d.d. (Croatian Postbank) and all shares of the group’s Slovenian subsidiary Sberbank banka d.d. to Nova ljubljanska banka d.d. (NLB d.d.). The banks will open on Wednesday, 2 March, as normal with no disruption to depositors or clients. They are now part of well-established, robust and stable banking...

Decision documents

Appeal proceedings

Decisions of the SRB may be challenged before the Appeal Panel of the SRB or before the Court of Justice of the European Union.

Before the Appeal Panel

Which decisions?
The competence of the Appeal Panel is determined by Article 85(3) of the SRM Regulation. Only the decisions of the SRB referred to in...

Who may appeal?
Any natural or legal person, including authorities, when the SRB decision is addressed to that person...

Before the Court of Justice of the European Union

Which decisions?
All decisions of the SRB that are not appealable before the Appeal Panel, pursuant to...

Who may appeal?
Member States and the Union institutions, as well as any natural or legal person, when the SRB decision is addressed to that person...