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SRB ECB CMDI Seminar 2023

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The rules on bank failure put in place after the financial crisis have ensured resilience and stability in the EU banking sector. However, experience over the last 10 years has shown that improvements are needed, and particularly for dealing with mid-sized banks. This high-level seminar will discuss the proposed changes to the crisis management and deposit insurance framework from the perspective of the supervisory and resolution authorities in the Banking Union, with a focus on the impact of the proposal both ahead of and during resolution cases. 

The Single Resolution Board organised an event on Monday, 16 October. 

Catch up with online conversations thanks to to #SRBECBCMDI2023 

For any question, please contact SRB-INFO [a] (SRB-INFO[at]srb[dot]europa[dot]eu) 


Moderator: Susan Carroll, SRB Spokesperson & Communications Team Leader
09:30-09:45Opening remarks Andrea ENRIA, Chair of the Supervisory Board, European Central Bank



Keynote speech John BERRIGAN, Director-General for Financial Stability, Financial Services and Capital Markets Union, European Commission (DG FISMA)
Key CMDI changes and their impact
10:00-11:00Before resolution        Anneli TUOMINEN, Member of the Supervisory Board, European Central Bank
In resolutionSebastiano LAVIOLA, Board Member, Single Resolution Board
Questions & answers
Panel discussion
  • Sofia TOSCANO RICO, Deputy Director-General of Horizontal Line Supervision, European Central Bank
  • Martin MERLIN, Director for Banking, Insurance and Financial Crime, European Commission (DG FISMA)
  • Isabelle VAILLANT, Director of Prudential Regulation and Supervisory Policy at the European Banking Authority 
  • Sebastiano LAVIOLA, Board Member, Single Resolution Board
12.00-12.15Concluding remarksDominique LABOUREIX, Chair, Single Resolution Board



Chair at Single Resolution Board

Dominique is Chair of the Single Resolution Board, the central resolution authority in the Banking Union, which is responsible for preparing for and...

Board Member at Single Resolution Board

Mr Sebastiano Laviola joined the SRB in 2019, taking charge of resolution strategy and cooperation. This brief covers a range of cross-cutting issues...

European Commission (DG FISMA)

Director, Banking, Insurance and Financial Crime (FISMA-D)

  • Masters Degree – Political science/International Affairs
  • Masters Degree – Philosophy


European Central Bank

Sofia Toscano Rico is Deputy Director General in DG Horizontal Line Supervision at the European Central Bank | Single Supervisory Mechanism (SSM). In...

European Banking Authority (EBA)

Isabelle Vaillant, Director of Prudential Regulation and Supervisory Policy,  is responsible for delivering the EBA's prudential and resolution policy...


  • Access all speakers presentations from the seminar
  • Speech by John Berrigan at the SRB/SSM seminar on the crisis management and deposit insurance (CMDI)
  • Keynote speech by Anneli Tuominen, Member of the Supervisory Board of the ECB, at the SRB-ECB CMDI Seminar
  • Speech by Andrea Enria: The CMDI package: a vital building block to improve our crisis management framework
  • Closing speech by Dominique Laboureix