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Types of contract

At the SRB, we believe diversity creates excellence – more diverse staff members mean a wider range of opinions, leading to better and more robust teams.

We aspire to be an organisation in which diversity is welcomed and appreciated. Enabling diversity is vital to our institution to deliver the best possible outcome for our staff and for the Banking Union. The facets of diversity include – but are not limited to – gender, nationality, religion, sexual orientation, ethnic origin, age, cultural background and disability.

The SRB supports our colleagues with disabilities to ensure that their work-related needs are accommodated to the best extent possible, and also provides help to disabled job applicants during the recruitment process.

The SRB offers a long-term career perspective and attractive working conditions, which are in line with the Staff Regulations (SR) and the Conditions of Employment of Other Servants of the European Communities (CEOS) applicable to EU institutions. We offer a number of different contracts, as detailed below.

You will be working in a dynamic, fast-growing multicultural environment, with colleagues from across Europe. Here at the SRB you will face various challenges, explore varied opportunities and experience a people-centred working culture that gives you a voice, influence and the remit to make an impact for the benefit of EU citizens.

We value our employees, and you will have many opportunities to develop your personal and professional skills throughout your career. SRB aims at creating and maintaining a healthy work environment promoting initiatives that enable staff members to have the right balance between work and personal life.

Temporary agents

Temporary agents are for general, specialised and managerial positions. They can be classified as Administrators (AD), Assistants (AST) and Secretaries and Clerks (AST/SC):

  • Administrators’ function group (AD) comprises twelve grades from AD 5 to AD 16 corresponding to managerial, conceptual and analytical as well as to linguistic and scientific duties;
  • Assistants’ function group (AST) comprises eleven grades from AST 1 to AST 11 corresponding to executive and technical duties;
  • Secretaries and clerks’ function group (AST/SC) comprises six grades from AST/SC1 to AST/SC6, corresponding to clerical and secretarial duties.

Temporary agents are offered a contract of three years, subject to a probation period of nine months The contract may be renewed for a further period of three years. After the second period, the contract may be renewed for an indefinite period. Legal basis:

  • Staff Regulation and Conditions of Employment of other servants of the European Communities (CEOS) Article 2(f);
  • Decision of the board in its plenary session of 25/03/2015 laying down general provisions for implementing Article 43 of the Staff Regulations and implementing the first paragraph of Article 44 of the Staff Regulations for temporary staff (SRB 25/03/2015).

Seconded national experts

Seconded National Experts (SNEs) are staff employed by a national, regional or local public administration or an inter-governmental organisation, who are seconded to the SRB so that the Agency can benefit from their high level of professional knowledge and experience. The initial period of secondment may not be less than six months or more than two years. It may be renewed up to a total period not exceeding four years. By way of exception, the duration of the secondment can be extended for another two years, reaching a maximum of 6 years.

SNEs may join the SRB through a bilateral agreement or through an open selection.

The SNE will remain employed and remunerated by their employer during the secondment. They will equally remain covered by their national social security system. The SNE’s employer shall continue to pay their salary, maintaining administrative status and be responsible for all their rights, such as social security and pension.

With the exception of cost-free SNEs, Seconded National Experts are entitled to a daily subsistence allowance and a monthly allowance, paid by the Agency, during the period of secondment.

During the secondment, SNEs are subject to confidentiality, loyalty and absence of conflict of interest obligations, as provided for in Articles 6 and 7 of the SNE Decision.

Legal Basis:

  • Decision laying down Rules on Secondment to the SRB of National Experts (SNE Decision - SRB/PS/2018/16)


We offer traineeships through the European Commission’s ‘bluebook’ programme. These traineeships last five months, beginning in either March or in October. Trainees will receive a living allowance of around 1,196.84€ per month during their placement.

Find more information and apply here.

The SRB also offers unpaid ‘atypical’ traineeship opportunities to experts whose expertise can be of interest to the Agency. Candidates should send their applications via email to SRB-Recruitment [a] including the proposed date and duration of the traineeship and enclosing:

  • CV and motivation letter
  • The field of expertise in which they are interested

The SRB accepts spontaneous applications for unpaid traineeships.

Interim staff

From time to time, the Single Resolution Board may require additional temporary staff. These interim staff work at the SRB premises, but are employed by a temporary work agency, Randstad. Should you be interested in an interim contract, please look for available opportunities and find relevant information with:

8-10 Rue des Princes / 1000 Bruxelles
E-mail: inhouse_1230 [a]
Telephone: 02/643 47 90
Interim monthly net reference salary at 01/01/2015:


Monthly net reference salary at 01/01/2018


1.696,56 €


2.146,76 €


2.448,36 €


2.898,29 €

f you want to join the SRB as interim staff, you can send a spontaneous application to SRB-Recruitment [a]