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2022 SRF levies (ex-ante contributions)

Each year, pursuant to Article 70(2) of the Regulation (EU) No 806/2014, the Single Resolution Board determines the annual ex-ante contributions to be raised from the institutions within its scope. In this section, you can find further information on the 2022 ex-ante contributions cycle, in particular, on the timeline and the data collection process.

Launching the 2022 ex-ante contributions cycle

The Single Resolution Board (SRB) announces the start of the 2022 ex-ante contributions cycle for the calculation and collection of ex-ante contributions to the Single Resolution Fund (SRF).

As always, the first phase of the cycle is the collection of data pertaining to the institutions under the obligation to contribute to the SRF, which will be relied on to determine their 2022 ex-ante contributions. The SRB has provided the 2022 Data Reporting Form and the related documentation to the National Resolution Authorities (NRAs), which are in turn to distribute the data collection package to the institutions under their remit.

For an overview of the key steps and the preliminary timeline of the 2022 ex-ante contributions cycle, you can consult the 2022 cycle Kick-off letter (link below). The SRB is confident that this enhanced information to the institutions at the start of the cycle will benefit further the constructive dialogue with the institutions already in place.

The NRAs will provide institutions with all information and documents in due time. Please address your NRA in case you have any questions.

2022 cycle Kick-off letter

Consultation procedure

Also in this cycle, the SRB intends to grant the institutions the opportunity to make their views known on the main elements of the preliminary 2022 ex-ante contributions calculation decision. More detailed information on the exact timeline and practicalities of the consultation process for the 2022 ex-ante contributions cycle will be provided in due time. Based on the experience accrued in the 2021 ex-ante contributions cycle, the SRB preliminary foresees that the consultation will be launched at end of February / beginning of March 2022.

Further information on the 2022 ex-ante contributions cycle

For further information in relation to the 2022 ex-ante contributions cycle, please contact your NRA and follow its instructions. Please also check the content of this website regularly, especially as of February 2022.

The information set out below is of relevance to the NRAs only

Data collection

In line with Article 14 of Commission Delegated Regulation 2015/63, the SRB will collect the data needed for the calculation of 2022 ex-ante contributions to the SRF. NRAs are responsible for collecting such data from the institutions under their remit and for providing it to the SRB.

Data format accepted by the SRB

In the 2022 ex-ante contributions cycle, the NRAs can provide the data of the institutions to the SRB in either of the following two formats:

  • XBRL (eXtensible Business Reporting Language)
  • Excel (.xlsx extension)

The NRAs can require the institutions to submit their data in any of the above formats, provided that they make the templates available to the institutions in the corresponding format. The NRAs should be ready and available to answer questions of the institutions regarding the format of the data submission. The 2022 ex-ante contributions cycle is the last cycle for which the SRB will accept data in excel format.

SRF Taxonomy

In order to facilitate the choice of the XBRL format and in line with the common practice for XBRL-based data collections, the SRB provides the following material:

* The XBRL instance provided above serves as example, all values stored in the XBRL facts are fictitious

Naming conventions for reports submitted in Excel format

Should NRAs choose to submit data in the Excel format, they should use only the Data Reporting Form provided by the SRB for the 2022 ex-ante cycle, without any further modifications of the those Forms.

In addition, the files should be named as follows:

[LEI code]_[country code]_[taxonomy version]_[filing type]_[submission deadline]_[time stamp].xlsx


  • LEI code: Legal Entity Identifier (LEI) code of the institution
  • Country code: two letter ISO code of country where the institution is authorised (e.g. AT for Austria)
  • Taxonomy version: the latest taxonomy version published by the SRB (currently 7.0.2, therefore SRF070002)
  • Filing type: EACIND (Ex-Ante Contributions INDividial)
  • Submission deadline: 2022-01-31 (as per Art. 14 (4) of Commission Delegated Regulation 2015/63)
  • Time stamp: 17 digit number (any 17 digit number is accepted by the system, but one can chose the time of the creation of the file measured in milliseconds, e.g. 20220115161452154 for 15 January 2022 at 16:14 and 52.154 seconds)    



For a Dutch institution with the LEI identifier A7746KUYPUHT22STMI41.

It should be noted that the taxonomy version, the filing type and the submission deadline are the same for all institutions falling in scope of the 2022 ex-ante contributions cycle.

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published 2022 SRF levies (ex-ante contributions)


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Information on the 2022 ex-ante contribution calculation process and expected time
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SRB XBRL Filing rules for the 2022 contribution collection
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2021-09-21 ANNEX I Ex-ante contributions to the Single Resolution Fund - reporting form for the 2022 contribution period.pdf
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