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There are currently no available Restricted procurements.

Expression of Interest

There are currently no available Expression of interest procurements.


Closed ex-ante Publicity Notices Number of procedure Deadline
External Quality Assessment of Internal Audit Activities SRB/NEG/16/2021
Negotiated procurement procedure without prior publication for a “building contract” SRB/NEG/1/2021
Provision of benchmarks for portfolio management SRB/NEG/45/2020
Ex-Ante Publicity_Supply of sustainable design furniture for non-managerial staff and management SRB_NEG_14_2020 SRB/NEG/14/2020
Ex-ante publicity notice - Organisation of an event for the Single Resolution Board SRB/NEG/12/2020

Competitive with negotiation

There are currently no available competitive with negotiation procurements.