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Press releases | 04 August 2023

The European Central Bank and the Single Resolution Board have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on the exchange of certain types of confidential statistical information, in order to improve analysis related to bank resolution.

The MoU is an...

Press releases | 03 August 2023

The SRB publishes today its MREL dashboard for Q1.2023. The MREL dashboard presents the evolution of MREL targets and shortfalls for resolution (external MREL) and non-resolution entities (internal MREL) as well as the level and composition of resources...

Jul 18 2023

Today, I have been invited to speak on the SRB’s annual report for 2022, which was published at the end of last month. There were a number of notable achievements last year, such as successfully dealing with Sberbank, at no cost to the taxpayer, and...

Press releases | 30 June 2023

The SRB today published its Annual Report for 2022. The report details the work of Europe’s Single Resolution Board and highlights the progress made in making Europe’s banking sector more stable, by ensuring all of the SRB’s banks make themselves...

Apr 25 2023

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Good morning to each of you and thank you joining us today – be it in person or online. I am happy to have this opportunity to talk with you, and I am looking forward to your questions later on.

We rely very much on you to...

Press releases | 22 March 2023

New Single Resolution Board Member Tuija Taos has started her mandate today, with responsibility for resolution planning and decisions.

Ms Taos is the former Director-General of the Finnish national resolution authority, the RVV, and also worked for...

Press releases | 20 March 2023

The Single Resolution Board, the European Banking Authority and ECB Banking Supervision welcome the comprehensive set of actions taken yesterday by the Swiss authorities in order to ensure financial stability. The European banking sector is resilient...

Why the SRB needs a new vision

Blog post | 17 March 2023

As the SRB enters phase two of its existence, SRB Chair Dominique Laboureix shares his reasons for launching a strategic review of how the SRB works, which will feed into a new plan for Europe’s central, independent resolution authority.

Two months ago...

Press releases | 17 March 2023

In line with our standard approach in previous years, the SRB has launched a consultation on the 2023 preliminary contributions to the Single Resolution Fund (SRF). The SRF is an emergency fund to support bank resolution and is being built up over eight...

Mar 1 2023

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Good morning Madam Chair, honourable members, ladies and gentlemen,

It is an honour for me to be here today, for the first time as Chair of the SRB. The last time you saw me, I was just a candidate. Let me...

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