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No time to waste in completing the Banking Union

Blog post | 09 September 2021

The European Banking Union still awaits completion, with more work urgently needed to move towards a fully integrated system that delivers better crisis management, depositor protection and a stronger banking sector.

The European Commission has...

SRB’s new heat-map approach enhances resolvability assessment

Blog post | 22 July 2021

Making banks resolvable remains the SRB’s key priority [1]. Banks entered the Covid-19 crisis in a much better shape than during the 2008 financial crisis, and were instrumental for financing the economy. However, the pandemic also reminded stakeholders...

Press releases | 30 June 2021

The SRB today published its 2020 Annual Report detailing the progress made in promoting financial stability while protecting the taxpayer through Europe's banking resolution framework.

In 2020, despite the pandemic, the SRB continued to make progress...

Asset Management Companies: the Spanish example

Blog post | 03 June 2021

In a severe banking crisis, the question of what to do with impaired assets is often raised. The most straightforward option, of selling the assets at a low price in a fire sale, can trigger an unnecessary destruction of value, with the banking framework...

System-wide events in the Public Interest Assessment

Blog post | 31 May 2021

The public interest assessment is a key safeguard in bank resolution, to protect taxpayers and financial stability. When faced with a failing bank, the SRB considers whether resolution best serves the public interest or whether the bank can go into normal...

Making good progress on resolvability

Blog post | 18 March 2021

There is no doubt that 2020 was a milestone year in many people’s lives. At the SRB, 2020 also saw us hit two major milestones from a resolution planning perspective.

The first of these was the introduction of a new resolution planning cycle (RPC)...

Banking Union – New Year, new momentum

Blog post | 21 January 2021

We ended 2020 with agreement on another important step on the road to the Banking Union.

The Eurogroup (in inclusive format) agreed to move forward with the reform of the European Stability Mechanism and to establish the common backstop to the Single...

A new year, a new impetus for the goal of financial stability

Blog post | 11 January 2021

New Year isn’t the only time that we, at the SRB, think about resolutions. Our focus is always on making banks resolvable so that we can promote financial stability and protect the taxpayer. However, as we head into a new year that I hope will be brighter...

A European Bad Bank – a necessary tool for financial stability?

Blog post | 28 December 2020

Andrea Enria’s recent comments in the Financial Times fanned the embers of the idea of a pan-European Asset Management Company, more commonly referred to as a European bad bank. Mr Enria promoted the idea as a possible tool for strengthening financial...

Press releases | 11 December 2020

The Single Resolution Board has published today its standardised data set to ensure that the minimum needed data is available to support a robust valuation for bank resolution.

The SRB approach to valuation relies on banks’ ability to provide accurate...

Press releases | 09 December 2020

The Single Resolution Board (SRB) has today published an MREL dashboard which will be followed by regular quarterly reports.

The dashboard is designed to give a comprehensive overview of the Minimum Requirement for Own Funds and Eligible Liabilities...

Press releases | 07 December 2020

The Single Resolution Board today publishes a paper outlining its expectations for how banks engaging in mergers and acquisitions (M&As) can ensure resolvability. Such transactions, in addition to prudential and competition law implications, are highly...

Press releases | 30 November 2020

The Single Resolution Board has today published its 2021-2023 Multi-Annual Programme, including its Work Programme 2021. The SRB sets out a roadmap with a clear focus on achieving resolvability and a robust bank resolution of the banks under its remit...

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