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Monique Goyens

2020-06-09 Monique Goyens.jpg

As Director General of BEUC, Monique represents 45 independent national consumer associations in 32 European countries, acting as a strong consumer voice in Brussels, ensuring that consumer interests are given weight in the development of policies and raising the visibility and effectiveness of the consumer movement through lobbying EU institutions and media contacts.
As a consumer expert and advocate, and on behalf of BEUC, Monique is currently member of the EU High Level Forum for the Capital Market Union. She is a member of the sub-group on Artificial Intelligence, Connected Products and other new Challenges in Product Safety (2020), an effective member of the Euro Retail Payments Board, a member of the expert group on “trade agreements” (2018-2019) and Vice-Chair of the European Advisory Board of the Open Society Foundations. She was a member to the expert group on “Online Disinformation” (2018).
In her capacity as BEUC Director General, Monique is currently EU co-chair of the Transatlantic Consumer Dialogue (TACD) a network of EU and US consumer organisations, and she also represents BEUC at Consumers International, the international consumer organisation.