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Laboureix disputes Swiss claim that G-Sibs are not resolvable, but wants improvements to framework

When banks fail, the outcome is inevitably messy. The post-2008 regulatory framework for resolving banks was designed stop a failure turning into a...

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  • The Swiss decision has led some Credit Suisse AT1 bondholders to consider legal action, and it sparked uncertainty for bondholders around the world.
  • “We wanted to tell it very clearly to the investors, to avoid to be misunderstood: we have no choice...
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EU plans to bring more mid-sized banks into the resolution framework and tinker with the conditions for a rainy-day fund for bank failures won’t be a “free lunch,” according to the head of the European authority for handling bank failures.


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Single Resolution Board chair adamant Brussels will not take investors in bank debt ‘by surprise’

A senior EU policymaker has pledged not to wrongfoot investors by upending bank creditor hierarchies, after a market uproar at Switzerland’s decision to...

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