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Tuija Taos

Tuija Taos
Board Member
Single Resolution Board

Ms. Tuija Taos is a Board Member designate of the Single Resolution Board, after the Council officially appointed her on 25 November 2022. She will take up her mandate in March 2023.

She has been the Director General of the Finnish national resolution and deposit guarantee authority (Financial Stability Authority, RVV) since 2015.  In addition to establishing the authority and leading the development of the resolution planning and crisis preparedness capabilities from the early days, she has also been responsible for the development and administration of the Finnish Deposit Guarantee System (DGS) organized within the RVV frame. 

Prior to that, Ms. Taos has made a long and extensive career in the Ministry of Finance, where she worked for the last 14 years as the Head of Unit in the Financial Market Department, responsible for the preparation of Finnish and EU financial market legislation and financial market policy. Taos joined the ministry in 1995.

A graduate of Master of Laws from the University of Helsinki with a post-graduate LLM degree from the University of Amsterdam, Ms. Taos speaks English, Swedish, French and Finnish.