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Sanja Tomičić

Croatian National Bank

Since October 2013 Sanja Tomičić is the Executive Director of the International Relations Area at the Croatian National Bank responsible for the relations with and the analyses and formulation of the policies related to the international multilateral financial institutions and development banks on one hand as well as the European institutions (ECB, ESRB, Council of the EU, EC and the like) on the other hand. In her role Ms Tomičić participates at the meetings of the International Relations Committee of the ESCB. On behalf of the Croatian National Bank she serves also as EU coordinator and a member of the Croatian Government's Inter-sectoral Working Group on EU issues. In the period from January 2015 up until recently Ms Tomičić was also responsible for setting up the resolution function within the central bank as a resolution authority for credit institutions, which in August 2018 was taken out of the International Relations Area and became a separate office under the responsibility of another board member. The established function is responsible for public interest and resolvability assessment, resolution planning, determination of key functions of credit institutions, assessment of the impediments to resolution and MREL setting and serves as the main contact point towards the national resolution bodies as well as the SRB. Ms Tomičić is an alternate member of the European Banking Authority’s Resolution Committee. Prior to taking up her current position Sanja Tomičić held several managerial positions in the Bank Regulation and Supervision Area. As the Director of the Specialized On-Site Supervision Department from April 2004 onwards she was responsible for internal controls systems supervision, information systems supervision, supervision of monetary and FX policy implementation, as well as the operational risk management supervision. From July 2013 Ms Tomičić was appointed a Director of the Supervision Department I responsible for the off-site and on-site supervision of Italian, Russian, Turkish, Swiss and Serbian subsidiaries and some middle-sized and minor banks operating in Croatia. Ms Tomičić started working at the Croatian National Bank in November 1999 as the on-site supervisor, which enabled her to gain diverse experience in different areas of bank management, operations and processes. She was also involved in the creation of the regulatory framework as well as the internal processes and methodologies used by the supervisory function. Currently she serves on two CNB's internal committees: Projects Evaluation Committee and Committee on Breach of Employee Labour Obligations. Ms Tomičić studied at the University of Zagreb, Georgetown University and Harvard University and holds an MSc degree in Economics from the University of Zagreb.


Oct 15 2018

SRB Conference 2018 - 10 years after the crisis: are banks now resolvable?

SRB conference