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Operational guidance for banks on separability for transfer tools

This operational guidance helps banks by providing more detail on how to concretely deliver the relevant information and analysis, namely through an analytical document known as the separability analysis report, as well as an operational document, called the transfer playbook.

This follows the publication of the SRB Expectations for Banks (EfB) document, which sets out the capabilities the SRB expects banks to demonstrate to show that they are resolvable.

Separability is a broad concept relevant to all resolution strategies. It is particularly relevant for banks for which the resolution strategy envisages a transfer tool, such as sale of business, asset separation tool and the bridge institution tool.

This concept allows the SRB to access the necessary information and analysis from banks to make full use of resolution tools should a bank get into difficulty and to ensure, for example, that different arms of a banking group can be separated out with appropriate solutions applied. This will help ensure financial stability.