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Konstantinos Christodoulakis

Home town:
Karpathos (in Dodecanese), Greece
Senior Project Management specialist

What do you particularly like about your work at the SRB?

I love my job as an IT practitioner! I firmly believe that Information Technology is the enabler of innovation. I started working in the SRB in 2017 when it was still in a start-up mode, and I like how this organisation was transformed year by year into a new and more mature entity. I enjoy being part of this transformation, which in the last COVID pandemic years was driven more and more by IT.

How does your work makes a difference?

My biggest challenge in IT Project Management and Contract Management is collaborating efficiently with all business stakeholders in SRB, co-creating digital products and services that optimise value streams, improve satisfaction, and automate processes. It would be a fascinating journey, but in the end, we could build a connected ecosystem for the "Digital SRB" which is one of the primary and vital priorities for the SRB as an Organisation.

Another challenge is to apply an agile/iterative approach for delivering and monitoring the Projects in a controlled way. For this purpose, I feel empowered as a Practitioner by the best practices provided by PM² Methodology (the official Project Management methodology of the European Commission), which the SRB IT uses embedded in the ICT Governance Framework.

What you like about Brussels?

Brussels is just exceptionally odd in a charming way! I love the stunning architecture and beautiful Art Nouveau details everywhere. I love running and walking in the city's beautiful parks or in the ones in the suburbs (some are well known, some are a bit more hidden, and others are very little known). I like that I can meet and learn new things from people worldwide. In addition, I enjoy discovering new spots off the beaten path: a private terrace, beautiful bookshops, and gorgeous views over the city. Finally, I like the happy hours drinking any of the famous Belgian beers (Kasteel Donker is my favorite).

Is there anything else that you would like to add? 

As a Greek, I like the philosophical quotes that apply holistically in life. My favorite is "Panta ri " (πάντα ῥεῖ; "everything flows") by Heraclitus (Ancient Greek philosopher).

Heraclitus says that all things pass and nothing stays and comparing existing things to the flow of a river; he says you could not step twice into the same river. That quote means that nothing ever is everything is becoming. All things are in motion like streams, all things are passing, and nothing abides.