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Diana Buksa

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Home town:

What do you particularly like about your work at the SRB?

My favourite thing about working in the SRB is the work place environment. It always keeps you on your toes and it is a never-ending source of knowledge.

How does your work make a difference?

I think that as a Secretary my work makes a difference for my colleagues and line manager. I see my job as making life easier for the staff in my Unit.


What do you like about Brussels?

I had been living in Brussels for 9 years before moving in the Wallonia countryside. I loved living in the city – it is ever changing and you have the chance of walking down the street and hearing 20 different languages in 5 minutes.

Anything else that you would like to add?

My SRB anecdote – when we moved from Rue de Commerce to Treurenberg (at the SRB agency), during one call with Amex, in which the other person could barely hear me, I was trying to spell out the name of a colleague. I had a momentarily brain freeze and forgot the phonetic alphabet (Alpha, Beta, etc.) so the spelling came out: Spanish, Republic, Berlin, words that have been added to a T-shirt I received as a birthday present from my colleagues.