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Alain Vranken

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Senior Bank Resolution Expert

What do you particularly like about your work at the SRB?

I joined the SRB at the end of 2015, in its first year of existence. It has been a pleasure ever since to help shape resolution in the Banking Union and contribute to improving the resolvability of the financial institutions under SRB remit. The SRB as an agency of the European Commission is a multicultural organisation and furthermore offers the opportunity to engage in international cooperation beyond the Banking and European Union.

How does your work make a difference?

Having been involved in banking supervision since 2005 and during the 2008 financial crisis, I have witnessed first-hand the consequences of unorderly bank failures and bailouts by governments. Through the creation of a resolution framework, with the SRB as the resolution authority for the Banking Union, my work helps to ensure the resolvability of banks, so that such events do not occur again.

What do you like about Brussels?

I have actually never lived in Brussels, but went to school and university and have always worked here. Overall, it’s a lively and fun city to be in, but what I like most, about Belgium actually, is that it’s quite a small country and still very diverse. Brussels is very central and therefore exploring the country, between the coast and the Ardennes for example, is very easy.

Anything else that you would like to add?

In addition to a very interesting and challenging job content, a very positive aspect of the job are the colleagues. It is truly a pleasure working along a diverse group of professionals dedicated to the same goal. This excellent team spirit shows through and is supported by fun activities outside of the workplace, sometimes planned and other times spontaneously!