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Engagement and consultations

The SRB is committed to listening closely to the views of its stakeholders and being transparent about the decisions it takes. We aim to:

When we consult

The need for an open public consultation is decided on a case-by-case basis. It only applies to approaches developed by the SRB itself.

We may also carry out targeted consultations, aimed at reaching stakeholders that are directly affected, or have specific expertise in the subject under consideration.

How we consult

Public consultations will be published as an online survey on the SRB website, usually for a period of six weeks. Documents will be provided in English only.

Communication of results

The outcome of the consultation will be published with the final policy or guidance document on the SRB website. It will include individual contributions where appropriate, a summary of the contributions and a short description of how the main comments were taken into account.



Current Public Consultations

There are no current public consultations at the moment

Recent Public Consultations

Public consultation on the Minimum Bail-in Data Template (MBDT)

Start: | Deadline: | Status: Closed

Take part in the public consultation on the Minimum Bail-in Data Template (MBDT) package, which provides an integrated approach for implementing the SRB Bail-in Data Set Instructions and Explanatory Note published in 2020 and updated in 2022, by enhancing its definitions and providing a template to...

Public consultation on the future review of MREL

Start: | Deadline: | Status: Closed

Take part in the public consultation on the future of the minimum requirements for own funds and eligible liabilities, or MREL, the minimum amount of equity and debt banks are required to hold to support an effective resolution without using taxpayers money or industry-funded safety nets.


SRB announces consultation on 2023 Single Resolution Fund contributions

Start: | Deadline: | Status: Closed

In line with our standard approach in previous years, the SRB has launched a consultation on the 2023 preliminary contributions to the Single Resolution Fund (SRF). The SRF is an emergency fund to support bank resolution and is being built up over eight years between 2016 and 2023. This year marks...

SRB announces consultation on 2022 Single Resolution Fund contributions

Start: | Deadline: | Status: Closed

The SRB has announced that it will launch a consultation process on the 2022 ex-ante contributions to the Single Resolution Fund (SRF) on 3 March 2022.

This will give banks and credit institutions required to pay annual contributions to the SRF the opportunity to view the SRB’s preliminary decision...

Public consultation on the SRB’s ‘Data Set for valuation’

Start: | Deadline: | Status: Closed

Start date: 19 May 2020 | Deadline: 30 June - 12:00 (Brussels time) | Status: Closed |

The Single Resolution Board (SRB) has launched a public consultation on its standardised data set to ensure that the minimum needed data is available to support a robust valuation for resolution.

In 2019, the...

Public consultation on the SRB's MREL Policy under the Banking Package

Start: | Deadline: | Status: Closed

20 May 2020: SRB MREL Policy under the Banking Package; feedback statement

Start date: 17 February 2020 | Deadline: 6 March - 12:00 (Brussels time) | Status: Closed |

The Single Resolution Board (SRB) has now closed its public consultation on a number of substantial changes to its policy on the...