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Banks under the SRB's remit

The entities and groups that currently fall under the direct responsibility of the SRB, subject to the provisions in Article 2 of the Single Resolution Mechanism Regulation (SRMR), are the following:

As of 3 June 2024, there were 114 banks under SRB’s remit. This number is bound to change over time, as new banks are established and existing banks leave the market. The information provided will be updated on a regular basis.

NRAs are responsible for all other banks. However, where necessary to ensure the consistent application of high resolution standards, the SRB can decide, or an NRA can request the SRB, to exercise directly all its powers with regard to banks that are originally within an NRA’s remit. If a resolution action requires the use of the SRF, the SRB is responsible for the adoption of the resolution scheme for that bank.

The SRB is responsible for the effective and consistent functioning of the SRM. The SRB may issue general instructions for the attention of NRAs and may issue warnings to an NRA where the SRB considers that a decision that NRA intends to adopt does not comply with the SRMR or with the SRB’s general instructions.