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Staff working papers

SRB staff members occasionally publish working papers or other analysis intended to stimulate discussion on topics related to our role and mandate

They should be considered “work in progress” and are addressed to experts in the field.

The views expressed are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect those of the SRB.

Staff Working Paper Series #4 - The 2023 Banking Turmoil: Implementation Lessons for Resolution Authorities

The purpose of this SRB Working Paper is to explore whether the 2023 banking turmoil in US and Switzerland can provide some preliminary implementation lessons for resolution in the European Union

Staff Working Paper Series #3 - The Commission proposal to reform the EU Bank Crisis Management Framework: A selected Analysis

Abstract: This SRB staff working paper aims to foster debate on the possible impact of the CMDI proposal, linked namely to the changes to the Public Interest

Staff Working Paper Series #2 - Measures of banks’ capital buffer usability under prudential and resolution requirements in the Banking Union

This paper estimates banking sector’s capital buffer usability taking into account how the solvency framework, the leverage ratio (LR) framework and the resolution requirements interact to ensure that banks meet adequate levels of capital instruments...

SRB staff working paper: Estimating liquidity needs in resolution in the Banking Union

This staff working paper provides a methodology for the ex-ante estimation of the potential liquidity needs that banks could foresee in resolution.

Staff working paper: Counting the cost of payout: constraints for deposit insurers in funding bank failure management

In the liquidation of a failed bank, the deposit insurer often pays out insured depositors