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News | 18 September 2023

The rules on bank failure put in place after the financial crisis have ensured resilience and stability in the EU banking sector. However, experience over the last 10 years has shown that improvements are needed, and particularly for dealing with mid...

News | 15 May 2023

This note is aimed at reporting to the Eurogroup of 15 May 2023 on:

  1. resolvability progress of SRB banks;
  2. the Single Resolution Fund (SRF) and Common Backstop; and
  3. the SRB's strategic review

This reporting takes place twice a year, in parallel with...

News | 11 January 2023

On the 1st of January, Croatia became the 20th EU country to join the Eurozone.

Back in October 2020, Croatia joined the Single Resolution Mechanism (SRM) following the decisions by the European Central Bank (ECB) to establish close cooperation with...

News | 19 December 2022

The Single Resolution Board and the European Central Bank have revised their Memorandum of Understanding in order to further enhance cooperation and information exchange.

The SRB Chair, Elke König, and the Chair and Vice-Chair of the ECB Supervisory...

News | 17 November 2022

On 19 September 2022, the Single Resolution Board (SRB) held its seventh annual conference under the title European banks: resolvable and ready for crisis? 

The day’s discussions focused on the steps needed to take bank resolvability to the next step —...

News | 07 November 2022

This note is aimed at reporting to the Eurogroup of 7 November 2022 on:

  1. resolvability progress of SRB banks;
  2. the build-up of the Single Resolution Fund (SRF); and
  3. lessons learned from recent cases, for the benefit of the upcoming crisis management...
News | 12 October 2022

The SRB and the European Central Bank (ECB) have reached an “in principle” agreement on the margin for redeeming eligible liabilities under Article 78a(1)(b) of Regulation (EU) No 575/2013 (CRR). The new “in principle” agreement is applicable to...

News | 08 August 2022

Following the cancellation of tender SRB/OP/1/2021 and prior to relaunching the tender for the provision of legal advice, the SRB is organising an info session with the aim to provide information to all interested candidates as well as give them the...

News | 01 July 2022

The Single Resolution Board met in Lisbon, in its Plenary Session format, on 30 June and 1 July, at the invitation of Banco de Portugal’s Vice-Governor Luís Máximo dos Santos.

The meeting took place at the headquarters of Banco de Portugal and was...

News | 27 June 2022

The SRB today published its Annual Report for 2021.

The report details the work of Europe’s Single Resolution Board and highlights the progress made in making Europe’s banking sector more stable, by ensuring all of the SRB’s banks are resolvable.


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