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Dec 4 2023

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Good afternoon Madam Chair, honourable members, ladies and gentlemen, 

I have five minutes for my opening speech, so I will dive straight in with three key points: the 2024 work programme, my first...

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The SRB publishes today its 2024 Annual Work Programme, setting out its objectives and priorities for the year ahead. 

The 2024 work programme will be completed early next year with a multi-annual work programme for the SRB, based on the 2023 strategic...

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The SRB publishes today its MREL dashboard for Q2.2023. The MREL dashboard presents the evolution of MREL targets and shortfalls for resolution (external MREL) and non-resolution entities (internal MREL) as well as the level and composition of resources...

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This note is aimed at reporting to the Eurogroup of 8 November 2023 on:

  1. SRB’s views on CMDI;
  2. Lessons learned from the recent crisis cases and liquidity in resolution;
  3. Resolvability progress of SRB banks;
  4. Progress made on resolvability of less significant...
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In this episode of the SRB in 5 podcast, we talk to Andrea Enria, the Chair of the Supervisory Board of the European Central Bank (ECB), about his experience as the chief banking supervisor in Europe. He shares his insights on the lessons learned from the...

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The SRB conference will take place on 13 February 2024 in Brussels. 
The SRB Annual Conference 2024 brings together resolution authorities, supervisory bodies, policy-makers and the banking industry together to discuss progress and challenges for financial...

Oct 20 2023


Good afternoon - it is just gone afternoon I think! 

Well I think we have had an interesting mix of discussion and debate this morning. 

First of all, a word of thanks to all those who took part in that discussion. We had a top...

Overlap between banks’ capital buffers and minimum requirements

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During the recent economic shocks caused by the Covid-19 pandemic and the more recent inflation surge, the EU banking system proved resilient and continued to provide lending to the real economy. In addition to the support provided to the economy by the...

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The rules on bank failure put in place after the financial crisis have ensured resilience and stability in the EU banking sector. However, experience over the last 10 years has shown that improvements are needed, and particularly for dealing with mid...

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