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Sep 19 2022


Thank you Melinda.

Good morning!

Welcome to all of you here in Brussels and joining us online.

Unfortunately our Vice-Chair, Jan Reinder de Carpentier was unable to join at the last minute, due to unforeseen events, but I...

Jul 13 2022

[Check against delivery]


Good afternoon Madam Chair, honourable Members and to all of you observing in the room, or watching online.

It is a pleasure to be with you yet again.

Today, I am officially here with you to present...

Press releases | 08 June 2022
• Takes account of new regulatory changes & feedback received from stakeholders • Makes subordination policy more dynamic • Complements the SRB approach on internal MREL waivers
Apr 28 2022


Good morning to each of you connected online and also to those of you gathered here at the SRB premises in Brussels. I want to welcome you, particularly our speakers. Thank you for the interest you are showing in the area of banking...

Mar 30 2022


Good morning to each of you and thank you joining us today – be it in person or online. We are all happy to have this opportunity to talk with you.

Our last press breakfast was in the midst of Covid and little did we think that 12...

Mar 14 2022


Good evening Madam Chair and good evening honourable members,

It is a pleasure to be with you once again at the ECON Committee, and it is also wonderful to be here in person. Thank you for the opportunity to update you on the work of...

Press releases | 01 March 2022

SRB přijal rozhodnutí o řešení krize týkající se slovinské a chorvatské dceřiné společnosti s tím, že v případě mateřské společnosti v Rakousku nejsou žádná opatření k řešení krize nutná.

  • Jednotný výbor pro řešení krizí (SRB) dnes rozhodl o...
Press releases | 01 March 2022

Az ESZT szanálási határozatokat fogad el a szlovén és horvát leányvállalatokra vonatkozóan, az ausztriai anyavállalat tekintetében nem ír elő szanálási intézkedést.

  • Az Egységes Szanálási Testület a mai napon úgy határozott, hogy a csoport horvát...
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